New Orleans French Quarter

As every building is started with a foundation, New Orleans started with the French Quarter. Back in 1718 when these streets were marshes and Louisiana was little more than a bold idea, New Orleans began its life in Jackson Square. This historical Square is at the center of what is now called the French Quarter.

This was done at the request of the soon-to-be governor, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.

Upon finding a quiet bend in the Mississippi River, apparently safe enough from flooding and hurricanes, he decided to have the capital of his colony built there. The king agreed.

However, the United States would later choose Baton Rouge as Louisiana’s capital.

Though the colony was founded under France initially, it had since come under Spanish rule. This occurred around the time most of the French Quarter burned to the ground in 1788.

Where most saw tragedy, Spain saw tragedy mixed with distinguished opportunity. They decided to rebuild the district according to their own more modern style.

However, the name, the French Quarter, stuck. It was probably because most of the city’s population remained ethnically French under Spanish rule.

As a side note, the ornate stucco to be found on the side of many buildings in this district was actually implemented by the Spanish as a fire-proofing measure. It replaced the original wooden siding that was common to French architecture.

At the edge of the French Quarter, you’ll see rows and rows of what was completely unsettled land until the Louisiana Purchase of 1804.

Of course, once word got out of unsettled land, Americans got right to work fixing the problem. They built new homes and businesses wherever they could make them fit.

Today, like piping hot gumbo, the French Quarter features a delightful mix of French-Creole, Irish, and uniquely American traditions.

This is only half its charm.

The other is definitely the experience yet to be had: the tastes, smells, and sounds of music that await you in New Orleans’ very own heart. 

We hope you enjoy yourself as you experience the history, local artistry, unique glamour, and vibrant activity of the French Quarter. 

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