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With the Tours at Your Feet app you won't miss a thing! No more wondering what you are looking at. You will have access to guided information that will keep you right in the heart of the action, taking you seamlessly from one location to the next. It is the tour you have always wanted, and it's at your pace. No rushing around to keep up with others!

The Historical

Learn about places that influenced the development of the City and our Nation. Retrace the roots of the Big Easy. The app will guide you through awesome landmarks of significant importance, from the Louisiana Purchase to the Jazz Era and more.

The Beautiful

Marvel at the architectural elements of New Orleans as you wind through the streets on your tour. The app includes fascinating information about the buildings and the folks who brought their visions from paper to brick. Enjoy learning the story behind these iconic structures.

The Quirky

Of course, no tour of New Orleans would be complete without including the side of the city that comes alive at night. Explore the famous bars, shops, and cemetaries that give the city some of its most memorable aspects. Do you have what it takes to brave historically haunted sites?


Enjoy a quiet stroll among some of the most beautiful homes in New Orleans and its southern charm.


Explore this historical and fascinating neighborhood as you learn about its culture, mysteries, and secrets.


This paranormal walk takes you to parts of the city where New Orleans most colorful characters refuse to leave.


No plan required! When you are near something interesting, your phone will send you an alert. Click on the notification and learn all about the site where you are standing.

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The French Quarter, Garden District, and Ghost tours are $2.99 each. The GEO tour is $3.99

*Buy the entire walking tour package for only $7.99 (38% off) and experience everything that this amazing city has to offer!

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